The True Flavor of Thailand

All Khong Thai products use organic ingredients from small family farms whenever possible, and are free of preservatives, stabilizers, gluten, and MSG. Select sauces contain small amounts of raw, unrefined coconut palm sugar and fish sauce to stay true to their authentic flavor. Made from traditional recipes with farm-fresh ingredients to put the secrets of Thai cooking in your hands.

Thai Curry Concentrates

Our curry concentrates have everything you need to make restaurant-quality Thai curry, including fresh cracked coconut cream—unpasteurized to retain its luscious flavor.

Pad Thai Sauce

A versatile cooking sauce that doesn’t skimp on the spice and sizzle of true Pad Thai. Minimally sweetened with just a touch of unrefined palm sugar for balance.

Satay Sauce

A new spin on a beloved ingredient. Rich, nutty sate sauce designed for serving with grilled Thai skewers. Thickened with toasted jackfruit seeds instead of peanuts so everyone can love it.